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About Us



At Hollandia, we grow our Gerberas in a state-of-the-art greenhouse with digital climate control that monitors temperature, humidity, irrigation, lighting, ventilation and CO2 levels.

Our Technology

Our processing technology entails computerized analysis of every bloom, grading for diameter, stem length and irregular shape. Our customizable automated bunching reduces handling and ensures quality.

Our Water

Our greenhouse roof structure collects rainwater and stores it in large holding ponds, which reduces dependency on municipal water supplies. At the end of the irrigation process, our fertilized irrigation water is treated, recycled and reused.


Proud implementers of integrated pest management, we use biological controls to minimize pesticide use and use beneficial insects to help control greenhouse pests. Screens installed on the greenhouse ceilings provide shade during the summer while simultaneously conserving energy for the winter – a system that ensures the optimum climate and nutrient balance for growing high-quality cut Gerberas.